It is a mistake to think that what is happening in your mouth stays in your mouth. If you think you can hide an incorrect position of your teeth only by keeping your mouth closed – you are wrong!


The effect of a bad position of our teeth is visible on our face. It affects the position of lips and facial muscles, which can largely reflect on your appearance. In addition to aesthetic, there are also other negative effects such as difficult maintenance of oral hygiene, resorption, i.e. bone loss, joint problems, etc. Because of this, there is a need for the use of a dental prosthesis. Damon system is a recommendation and the choice of experts in our dental office that is certified for Damon system. Damon prostheses are suitable for patients of all ages both adults and children, Damon system is certainly the best choice.

What is Damon system?

At first, it may seem that Damon system is just another fixed prosthesis, since Damon braces include a wire that goes through the bracket heads as well. However, while traditional, regular braces require a rubber tie to hold the wire in the bracket slot, Damon braces are self-ligated brackets. A small sliding door is used to capture the wire.


However, being self-ligated braces is not the most important feature of Damon system. In fact, there is a concept of the application of biological forces that is a new approach to the therapy. That is exactly the most important feature of Damon system. Biological forces are mild continuous forces that enable a tooth restoration to its proper position. These forces are similar to the forces created by facial muscles. On the other hand, due to the use of ligatures, traditional braces can produce stronger and more aggressive pressure on teeth that can bring about negative effects.


In our office, after orthodontic check-up, patient’s bite registration is taken. After that, the analysis of the model and proper X-ray is conducted. Before placing a fixed prosthesis, it is necessary to teat cavities and remove tartar build-up. Sometimes a smaller surgical intervention should be done, such as frenectomy or recession therapy.


After setting fixed prosthesis, patients receive all necessary instructions on how to chew, avoid certain things in their diet, and, most importantly, detailed maintenance of oral hygiene. It is important for patients with fixed prosthesis to have healthy teeth after therapy as well.

Benefits of Damon braces in comparison to traditional fixed prosthesis for tooth straightening

Damon braces have a number of advantages over traditional fixed braces.

  • While traditional, regular braces sometimes require extraction of healthy teeth to make room for proper tooth position, Damon braces most often do not require it. In addition, with Damon braces, there is no need for palatal expansion. Biological forces are responsible for this, which are efficient enough to put all teeth into an ideal position.
  • Damon braces therapy lasts shorter compared to regular fixed braces for up to 6 months.
  • As a result of teeth extraction and the use of traditional braces, a curled profile may appear. However, Damon braces lead to the creation of an ideal arch shape, which positively reflects on the entire patients’ face. Damon system brings a wide smile.
  • Although Damon braces can lead to a really large shift in tooth position, the process is neither painful nor unpleasant. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, biological forces are extremely mild and continuous. Secondly, by milder forces you get to the end of the treatment faster, because a part of the force is not wasted on friction like with traditional fixed braces.
  • In addition, Damon braces reduce the need for check-ups by 48% due to the lack of need to change ligature. Check-ups are usually in two months. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for patients from abroad, since the price of Damon braces are considerably cheaper in our country. For more information about services for foreign patients, see our Dental tourism page.
  • The maintenance of Damon braces is greatly facilitated, which leads to a higher level of hygiene. This is due to the absence of ligatures where usually food deposits built up.
  • Finally, Damon braces are aesthetically more effective due to its discretion. There is also a special type of invisible and innovative Damon Clear which combines tieless braces with high technology archwires.

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