Price list of the dental office Dental Vortex

The dental office Dental Vortex offers a wide range of dental treatments: common and specialist dental procedures, white fillings, teeth whitening, gingivectomy, frenectomy, plaque removal, dental prosthesis, as well as many other dental procedures that include treatments with the latest generation of dental lasers.


Check-up0,00 rsd
Check-up at weekends and public holidays2.500,00 rsd
First aid2.000,00 rsd
Specialist check-up4.000,00 rsd


Local anesthesia 0,00 rsd
Class V composite filling 2.000,00 rsd
One-surface composite filling (with substrate) 3.000,00 (3.500,00) rsd
Two-surfaces composite filling (with substrate) 3.500,00 (4.000,00) rsd
Three-surface composite fill (with substrate) 4.000,00 (4.500,00) rsd
Treatment of deep caries 2.500,00 rsd
Vital and mortal extirpation 2.500,00 rsd
Endodontic treatment of single-rooted tooth using laser therapy 3.500,00 rsd
Endodontic treatment of double-rooted tooth using laser therapy 4.500,00 rsd
Endodontic treatment of multi-rooted tooth using laser therapy 5.500,00 rsd
Gangrene Treatment (1 session) 2.000,00 rsd
Filling – revision 4.000,00 rsd
Endodontic treatment with endo machine of single-rooted teeth with laser therapy 4.500,00 rsd
Endodontic treatment with endo machine of double-rooted teeth with laser therapy 5.500,00rsd
Endodontic treatment with endo machine of multiple-rooted teeth with laser therapy 6.500,00rsd
Removing white spots on a tooth 4.500,00 rsd
Whitening an avital tooth 6.500,00 rsd
At-home teeth whitening trays 15.000,00 rsd
Whitening in the dental office 25.000,00 rsd
Laser tooth whitening 28.000,00 rsd


Removal of soft deposits and instructions on proper hygiene 2.500,00 rsd
Fissure sealants (baby tooth)2.000,00 rsd
Fissure sealants (permanent tooth)2.500,00 rsd
Teeth impregnation with fluoride1.500,00 rsd
Baby tooth extraction1.500,00 rsd
Complicated baby tooth extraction3.500,00 rsd
Composite filling on a baby tooth3.500,00 rsd
Treatment of incomplete root development per session2.000,00 rsd



Plaque removal and polishing teeth along with oral hygiene instructions 3.800,00 rsd
Periodontal pocket treatment2.500,00 rsd
Laser therapy of a periodontal pocket3.500,00 rsd
Causal therapy of periodontal disease (per jaw)15.000,00 rsd
Laser therapy of periodontal disease (per jaw)24.000,00 rsd
Treatment of acute periodontal abscess2.500,00 rsd
Connective tissue graft35.000,00 rsd
Free mucogingival autotransplant24.000,00 rsd
Surgical treatment of gingival recession in a tooth12.000,00 rsd
Surgical treatment of gingival recession in a tooth (emdogain, PRF)7.000,00 rsd
Gingivectomy per tooth using laser3.600,00 rsd
Laser treatment of herpes labialis2.000,00 rsd


Routine tooth extraction 2.500,00 rsd
Complicated tooth extraction5.500,00 rsd
Surgical tooth extraction12.000,00 rsd
Abscess incision2.000,00 rsd
PRF preparation5.000,00 rsd
Surgical closure of oroantral communications12.000,00 rsd
Apicotomy (single-rooted tooth)12.000,00 rsd
Apicotomy (double-rooted tooth)15.000,00 rsd
Apicotomy (three-rooted tooth)18.500,00 rsd
Cystectomy12.000,00 rsd
Frenectomy8.000,00 rsd
Laser frenectomy10.000,00 rsd
Alveolar ridge leveling10.000,00 rsd
Dental implant placement54.000,00 – 77.000,00 rsd
Sulcus former4.000,00 rsd
Sinus lift65.000,00 rsd



Complete dentures 28.000,00 rsd
Acrylic partial denture25.000,00 rsd
Temporary partial denture (a flipper)7.000,00 rsd
Partial skeletal denture44.000,00 rsd
Immediate prosthesis15.000,00 rsd
Complete denture with a metal base30.000,00 rsd
Valplast denture37.000,00 rsd
Placement of 1 pair of attachment12.000,00 rsd
Crown removal1.200,00 rsd
Direct denture foundation5.500,00 rsd
Indirect denture support10.000,00 rsd
Reparation5.000,00 rsd
Protective crown2.500,00 rsd
Fiberglass upgrade3.500,00 rsd
Metal ceramic crown12.000,00 rsd
Metal-free crown (zirconia)25.000,00 rsd
Ceramic inlay25.000,00 rsd
Crown on an implant, metal ceramic (with suprastructure)30.000,00 rsd
Crown on an implant, metal-free (with suprastructure)41.000,00 rsd
Temporary crown on an implant12.000,00 rsd
Ceramic veneer28.000,00 rsd
Injectable veneer12.000,00 rsd
Composite veneer6.500,00 rsd
Root canal metal post4.500,00 rsd
Temporary cad-cam crown3.500,00 rsd


Fixed orthodontic appliance – metal locks 89.000,00 rsd
Fixed orthodontic appliance – aesthetic locks 118.000,00 rsd
DAMON fixed orthodontic appliance – metal braces 118.000,00 rsd
DAMON fixed appliance – aesthetic braces 148.000,00 rsd
Orthodontic plate appliance 42.000,00 rsd
Myobrace machine 30.000,00 rsd
Retention foils 8.000,00 rsd
Splint 8.000,00 rsd
Sokle 2.500,00 rsd
3D Analysis 4.000,00 rsd
Tooth straightening foil 11.800,00 rsd
Correction foil 6.000,00 rsd
Retiner and retention foil 12.000,00 rsd
Hyaluron 1ml 26.000,00 rsd

* The price list does not list all the services we offer. For additional information and prices contact us.