Dental Vortex was set up with the aim to create new smiles. The aim is to provide our patients with the smile they want and deserve.


Dr Dubravka Jovanovic

Oral Surgery Specialist

She graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade. After undergraduate studies she finished specialized studies in Oral surgery with the highest grade. She is a member of International Team of Implantology (ITI), Serbian Medical Society and Dental Chamber.


Professional experience and knowledge has been acquired and improved by the participation in dental courses and congresses:

  • FDI Annual World Dental Congress (Istanbul)
  • Bone augmentation procedures in implant dentistry-Institut Straumann AG( Beograd)
  • Training course for the ICX Templant Dental Implant System-Medical Queen(Beograd)
  • Fiber reinforced composite posts-foundation for long term aesthetic restorations-Congress of the BaSS(Beograd)
  • Periodontal Regenerative Therapy & Periodontal Plastic Surgery-Institut Straumann AG(Beograd)
  • iTOP Advanced level individually trained oral prophylaxis-Curaprox Swiss premium oral care(Beograd)
  • PRP use for skin rejuvenation techniques-Antiageing Academy Medica AestheticaB (Beograd)
  • Prosthetic or restorative-perfect smile(Beograd)
  • Taking dental implantology to the next level (Bukurest)
  • Advanced lasers training course Biolase(Beograd)
  • Prosthetic or restorative-perfect smile (Belgrade)


Dr Svetlana Ilic

Specialist in Jaw Orthopaedics

She graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade and specialized in jaw orthopaedics.


She has been improving her knowledge in dental courses and congresses:

  • Damon course by Dr Elizabeth Menzel in Kitzbuhel (Austrija)
  • Torque control and intermaxillar elastics for excellence in orthodontics treatment (Beograd)
  • Advanced Damon in office (Belgrade)
  • Symposium-Biomechanics and esthetic based orthodontic treatment strategies by prof R.Nanda (Dubrovnik)
  • BOS symposium-selfligating in orthodontics-past,present or future (Beograd)
  • Pasive self-ligation focusing on the cranial structures (Beograd)
  • Distal Bite Therapy – OUS (Belgrade)
  • Digital platform in orthodontics by dr Alan Bagden (Beograd)

Dr Ivan Ruzic

Doctor of Dental Medicine

He graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade. Having graduated, he did an internship at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. After the internship, he has continued expanding his knowledge in a private practice. Attending numerous dental congresses both in Serbia and abroad helps him to gain more professional knowledge. The areas of dentistry where he is fully competent are dental prosthetics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry; being highly focused on preventive and prophylaxis dentistry, and oral surgery.