Metal ceramic crowns are always a good choice, both for economic and aesthetic reasons. They are very practical, inexpensive, and they can solve the problem.

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Advantages and disadvantages of metal-ceramic crowns

A metal-ceramic crown is a practical and quick solution if one or more teeth are damaged to a greater extent. The price for placing metal ceramic crowns is also very affordable, which is another reason why they are so popular. In addition, almost all users of metal ceramic crowns have had positive experience. Although some say metal ceramic crowns can damage your teeth, it is not true. Well-placed metal ceramic crowns cannot damage your tooth. On the contrary, they will even protect it more. The disadvantage of metal ceramic crowns is a grey edge that can appear after many years, actually after the gums recede. 

Our experts are highly experienced in placing metal ceramic crowns. What we do – it lasts for years! Call us and schedule consultations. We always have a perfect solution for you!

Metal-ceramic crown procedure

The procedure of placing metal-ceramic crowns is not as complex as it may seem. Firstly, a tooth is drilled down which involves removing about 2-3 mm of a tooth to create a free room for making a metal-ceramic crown. Afterwards, a bite registration is taken. After processing metal alloy according to your bite registration, layers of ceramics are applied over it, so a crown eventually looks like a regular tooth.

When are metal ceramic crowns used?

Metal ceramic crowns represent fixed prosthetic devices. They are usually used when a tooth is severely damaged and it is not possible to use a classic filling. Metal ceramic crowns are also used if one or more teeth are missing, in fact, a metal ceramic bridge replaces the teeth. Crowns are placed on carriers (whether they are teeth or implants) and all the necessary metal ceramic crowns are connected to the bridge that is stable, functional, and beautiful.

What are metal ceramic crowns made of?

Metal ceramic crowns are made of special dental metal alloys or gold, and the highest quality ceramics is placed over it. In the centre of a metal ceramic crown there is a small metal cap which can be made of gold or titanium. It is dental gold which, due to its exceptional quality, guarantees minimal or no gum reaction. On the other hand, titanium is getting more popular, which along with its exceptional hardness, provides a higher resistance of metal ceramic crown to any possible mechanical impacts.

Price list

Metal ceramic crowna12.000,00 rsd
Crown on an implant, metal ceramic (with suprastructure)30.000,00 rsd



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