A healthy and beautiful smile has become an extremely important factor in achieving a positive first impression in society. In the first place, white, healthy teeth  represent what every our patient wants today, and we are here for them, to help them achieve that.

It is wrong to think that what happens in our mouth remains only in our mouth. The effect of poor tooth position is visible on our face as well. It affects the position of lips and facial muscles, which can greatly affect your appearance.

If you think that you can hide the incorrect position of your teeth just by keeping your mouth closed – you are wrong!

Fortunately, there is a fixed prosthesis that can help you a lot. The reason why a fixed prosthesis is recommended and worn is not only because of an aesthetic nature, as many people think.

In addition to aesthetic, there are also other negative effects such as difficult maintenance of oral hygiene, resorption, i.e. bone loss, joint problems, etc. All things considered, there is a need to use prosthesis to straighten teeth.

Teeth that are properly positioned in your jaw and their interrelationship allow you to evenly transmit the force of chewing while preserving the supporting tissue of the teeth and the teeth themselves, and thus preventing their excessive wear and decay.

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How does a fixed braces solve this problem?

A fixed braces, or orthodontic appliance, is a device that by its forces on the teeth enables their movement and placement in the correct position in the jaw. There are a large number of orthodontic appliances for different purposes, and the main division is into fixed and mobile orthodontic appliances.

Depending on the age of the patient, the type of irregularities with the teeth and the possibility of straightening, different type of orthodontic appliance will be used. A fixed prosthesis consists of locks that are on the teeth and a wire that connects those locks.

Locks are elements that are attached to the teeth with the help of special glue and have slots in which the wires are placed. The wire, with its elastic feature, creates orthodontic force and causes the teeth to straighten and move in the jaw.

The intensity of the force on the teeth depends on the wire itself, i.e. its thickness, material, and shape. Earlier, locks were made of metal, and today they are increasingly being made of ceramic, as well as composite white locks.

White locks are more aesthetically acceptable than metal ones because they adapt to the colour of the teeth. However, there are also new fixed orthodontic lock systems, such as Damon system that offers significantly comfort as well as effective results.

Our experts are  certified for the Damon orthodontic system. Damon braces are suitable for patients of all ages.

Whether it is appliances for adults or for children, the orthodontic  system is definitely the best choice for new and healthy smile.

Oral hygiene when wearing a fixed prosthesis

When wearing a fixed prosthesis, oral as well as dental hygiene are immensely important. What we recommend is that to brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal if possible.

Also, if necessary, we recommend the use of auxiliary hygiene devices such as sulcus and interdental brushes. If you do not maintain your oral hygiene properly and regularly, there is a risk of permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

How is a fixed prosthesis placed?

  1. Having done the orthodontic check-up, the patient’s jaw impressions are taken.
  2. Afterwards, the analysis of the model and certain X-rays are conducted.
  3. Before fitting a fixed prosthesis, it is necessary to repair all dental caries and remove tartar.
  4. Sometimes, if indicated, it is necessary to perform a minor surgical intervention, frenectomy or recession therapy.
  5. After fitting the fixed prosthesis, all the necessary instructions are told to the patients, such as how to chew, avoid certain things in the diet and, most importantly, detailed maintenance of oral hygiene.

Note: It is important for us that patients with a fixed prosthesis in their mouth have healthy teeth after the therapy.


How much does a fixed prosthesis cost?

Fixed orthodontic appliance – metal locks 89.000,00 rsd
Fixed orthodontic appliance – aesthetic locks 118.000,00 rsd
DAMON fixed orthodontic appliance – metal locks 118.000,00 rsd
DAMON fixed orthodontic appliance – aesthetic locks 148.000,00 rsd

Fixed prosthesis - results (before and after)

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