What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners or CAD-CAM systems for orthodontic tooth straightening with transparent foils represent the latest technology in dentistry for rapid tooth straightening. Thin, transparent, light, cause neither pain nor discomfort, effective!

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An ideal solution for overcrowded or crooked front teeth and a misaligned bite as well. Clear aligners are very similar to home teeth whitening, but are made of harder, but thinner plastics and are almost not visible at all. You can wear them anywhere and always – they are invisible since being almost completely transparent. Teeth correction process is so fast that you will be absolutely thrilled.

Clear aligners for tooth straightening are made of thin and transparent medical polyurethane. It is a type of plastic that is so light that you will hardly feel it on your teeth. Unlike fixed orthodontic devices (prostheses) that cause discomfort to most patients, clear aligners are extremely comfortable to wear.

Clear aligners for teeth correction are ideal for minor teeth distortion in teeth arrangement, such as gaps between teeth, irregular inclination of front teeth, tooth rotation etc.




How to use clear aligners?

After a check-up, an orthodontist will take a bite registration, then a 3D display and determine how many transparent ortho foils are needed for your teeth. Based on a bite registration, a simulation of teeth movement is performed by using special software. In a 3D display, a detailed analysis of the position of your teeth is performed, and then each tooth is “moved” to a desired position to determine the required number of transparent ortho foils to align your teeth. Afterwards, transparent ortho foils are made according to precisely defined measures and the therapy can begin. The required number of foils for your teeth is delivered immediately and used according to the instructions of our skilled staff. This is an ideal solution for anyone who does not live in the vicinity and cannot often have check-ups.

The preparation for clear aligners is minimal. It is mainly interproximal reduction (creating additional room for teeth arrangement) or so-called stripping.

Clear aligners are worn for at least 20 hours each day and are changed after approximately two weeks or after a consultation with your orthodontist. Clear aligners make slight pressure on your teeth and they move 0.25-0.3 mm. Each subsequent foil moves teeth even further, until they reach a desired, correct position. A set of foils consists of 4-10 foils, depending on teeth position. After the therapy the last foil is worn only at night to avoid the return of the teeth to an incorrect position, or retainers can be used to preserve and stabilise the results achieved.

The price depends on the number of foils needed. This is another great advantage of the method for quick tooth correction.

Why choose clear aligners?

Clear aligners for teeth correction have a number of advantages:

  • First of all, they are transparent, light, thin and comfortable to wear, without any discomfort.
  • Treatments last very briefly, so clear aligners are ideal for rapid tooth correction.
  • Easy to put on and take off, do not cause speech impairment, and no tooth preparation is needed.
  • They are taken off while eating and during oral hygiene, which makes the comfort of using foils even greater, while at the same time reducing the possibility of periodontal disease and dental cavities.
  • No frequent controls are required; it is enough to change clear aligners every 15 days.
  • High precision of tooth movement and the possibility of 3D display of the final result.
  • A set consists of several foils that you are given subsequently after each check-up, or you can get your clear aligners immediately with the instructions on how to use it if you live abroad. Controls are possible after every two weeks for patients from Belgrade.

There are few minor disadvantages of clear aligners:

  • They can be used only for minor dental tooth distortion.
  • Sometimes minor teeth adjustments are required, so-called stripping.

If you opt for this modern method for comfortable and quick correction of your teeth, our expert team will do all that it takes for a glare from your smile with the help of clear aligners! Call us and schedule the consultation.

Price list

Retention foils 8.000,00 rsd
Tooth straightening foil 11.800,00 rsd
Correction foil 6.000,00 rsd
Retiner and retention foil 12.000,00 rsd

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