The myobrace system

The Myobrace system has been a leader in myofunctional orthodontic treatment for children and adults for more than 30 years.

A child, being a dynamic and harmonious environment where the processes of growth and development take place, is exposed to the influence of a number of factors that can lead to various disorders of the entire organism.

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the jaws, teeth and face are developing harmoniously. Lips, cheeks and tongue direct the development of the bone system of the jaws, and, consequently, the position of the teeth.

Price list - how much does the Myobrace device cost?

Specialist check-up

4.000 RSD

Myobrace device

30.000 RSD

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Myofunctional therapy

Parents most often come to a dental office because of “crooked teeth”, which are only a consequence of improperly developed jaws at the time when the child should have already started the myofunctional treatment.

A timely visit to the orthodontist/dentist is of crucial importance to prevent the persistence of bad oral habits in children. Mouth breathing, thumb sucking, improper swallowing can lead to a series of disorders which can be reflected on the jaws, teeth, and face. Therefore, with the Myobrace therapy, it is possible to strengthen the muscles of the orofacial area. This involves both the activation of inactive muscles and the redirection of muscles that are not doing their job properly.

Myobrace system treatment

The Myobrace system is preventive, comfortable, and least invasive treatment.

It is suitable for the ages between 5 and 15, in some patients even at the age of 3.

The Myobrace system practices proper and simple “oral gymnastics” aimed at:

  • proper breathing, swallowing and speech
  • proper development of jaws
  • proper alignment of teeth

There are many choices, but very few are simple and effective at the same time!

By wearing the Myobrace device, it is possible to avoid wearing a mobile or a fixed prosthesis.

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