Dental Tourism

What is dental tourism?

People from Western Europe, America, Canada are visiting increasingly other countries for dental services. Actually, people go to dental offices in foreign countries when they have problems with their teeth. This phenomenon is called dental tourism.

The main reason why people go to other countries to solve their dental problems are different prices of dental services and dental services can be far more expensive in one European country compared to the other ones. Prices of dental services primarily depend on a living standard, labour cost and the business environment of a particular country. For example, due to high labour costs and high standards, the price list of dental services in Switzerland is much higher than in Serbia, even though the expertise of the staff and the quality of equipment and services are at almost the same level. Consequently, more people decide to visit dentists in the countries with lower living standards.

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Why is Dental Vortex the right choice for you?

The dental office Dental Vortex offers the possibility of dental tourism. Here are some of the reasons why Dental Vortex is the best choice:

  • Dental Vortex has an extremely professional and expert team consisting of specialists in oral surgery, specialists in jaw orthopaedics, specialists in oral medicine and periodontology and general dentists.
  • Due to its professional team, Dental Vortex offers a large number of dental services. Almost every problem that you have, we can solve it.
  • Dental Vortex is equipped with cutting-edge equipment. A manufacturer of dental chairs is the world-renowned company Sirona.
  • The materials which are used are of exceptional quality and in accordance with global trends. We use implantations of a renowned Swiss company Straumann Basel or white fillings and cements from an American manufacturer Gradia and GC.
  • In addition to the dental services itself, Dental Vortex offers the possibility of organizing activities that involve dental tourism:
    • The organization of accommodation in hostels, apartments, or hotels.
    • The organization of transport from/to the airport.
    • The organization of sightseeing Belgrade and presenting the culture, history of one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Europe.

If you have decided on dental tourism, Belgrade and Dental Vortex are certainly the best choice. For any further information you can contact us.


You do not have to look for the accommodation, we will do it for you. When it comes to this service we can offer you exclusive apartments at affordable prices.

Dental tourism in Serbia

Dental tourism in Serbia has been developing increasingly over recent years. Prices of dental services in Serbia are among the lowest ones in Europe. Moreover, foreigners are attracted by exceptional expertise of Serbian dentists since they are highly respected abroad.

Check-up Crown Implant
Belgrade 10 EUR 100 EUR 650 EUR
Brussels 130 EUR 700 EUR 1300 EUR
Vancouver 150 EUR 750 EUR 2000 EUR

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