White teeth and a brilliant smile that we all wish for can be achieved easily with the latest methods for tooth whitening offered by our dental office.

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Tooth whitening methods

How to whiten your teeth? At least today it is not difficult. There are various tooth whitening methods. It depends on you which one you will choose. Be aware, whatever method you choose, the effect will be great. Tooth whitening depends on the chosen method for whitening.

In our dental office the latest bleachers are available and the most commonly used methods for teeth whitening. Those are:

  • in-office based tooth whitening
  • splint/tray method for at-home teeth whitening

Tooth whitening - to whom it is recommended, and to whom not

It is important to note that tooth whitening methods do not affect seals or prosthetic devices such as crowns and bridges. If you are planning some prosthetic device, do it 15 days after tooth whitening. In this case, the effect will be remarkable.

Tooth whitening is not recommended to people with periodontal disease, gingival recession (receding gum) nor for those who have too sensitive teeth. Additionally, tooth whitening is not recommended to pregnant women or to people wearing prosthesis until they finish with the orthodontic therapy.

Over time, teeth change their colour. The reasons can vary – from food and drinks that we consume to dental aging. However, today it is so easy to have white teeth. Choose a tooth whitening method and a brilliant smile with pearly white teeth will beautify your face again.

Tooth whitening is a procedure in which all types of discoloration, i.e. colour changes, on the surface of teeth are removed, making teeth far whiter. Tooth whitening is the most popular procedure in dentistry, because it can quickly, easily and painlessly improve your appearance. Additionally, the price of teeth whitening is affordable to everyone. It is no longer luxury, but a necessity. With the latest tooth whitening techniques you will again have a dazzling smile.

Tooth whitening is completely harmless and very effective. It does not cause tooth nor gingiva damage. Only the sensitivity of teeth can occur, disappearing after 48 hours.

In-office based tooth whitening

In-office based tooth whitening is a short-term procedure which, as the name implies, is performed in a dental office and immediately gives excellent results. Firstly, soft tissue is protected, and then the bleach applied to teeth leaving it for 15 min. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times. It is a very simple and quick tooth whitening method with a brilliant and instant effect. The price for in-office based tooth whitening is slightly higher than for at-home teeth whitening kit.

Splint/tray method for at-home tooth whitening

An even simpler, although long-lasting tooth whitening method is making a tray for at-home tooth whitening. Based on a bite registration, a tray (splint) contains teeth whitening gel. In this case, a tooth whitening paste is used with less concentration than laser tooth whitening. A tray is worn at night 7-10 days, and the effect of bleached teeth will last for 2 years, after which it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

As you have seen, tooth whitening methods vary, but the effects are always excellent. By a simple and quick procedure, at a good price, you will get what you want – whiter teeth. Tooth whitening allows removing all discolorations of teeth, but of course, you cannot expect a miracle.

Teeth will be as white as they are naturally white.

In our dental office, besides a fast and professional service, the cost of tooth whitening is rather affordable.

Price list

Whitening an avital tooth 6.500,00 rsd
At-home teeth whitening trays 15.000,00 rsd
Whitening in the dental office 25.000,00 rsd
Laser tooth whitening 28.000,00 rsd

Teeth whitening - client results

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