Injectable veneers (composite veneers) minimally invasive technique maximally reconstructs both the aesthetics and function of your teeth.

Injectable veneers (composite veneers) represent a revolution in tooth reconstruction. This minimally invasive technique which maximally reconstructs both the aesthetics and function of teeth, with increased longevity and durability.

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Injectable veneers

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To begin with, tooth impression is first taken. Based on the model, the technician makes a wax model of your future smile. The situation from the model is transmitted to the patient’s mouth via a silicone key . One of the advantages of the technique is that a patient can make a decision together with a dentist about the appearance of his/her teeth.


Not every dentist is trained and specialized when it comes to composite veneers. In addition to expertise and special education, certain sense of aesthetics and art of creating natural-looking teeth is vital as well. The material used for this type of intervention – liquid composite – enables the transfer of every single detail from a wax impression to your teeth. With the constant advancement of materials and techniques, injectable veneers now offer reliability and durability similar to the one achieved with conventional composite veneers, but with much less invasive treatments of a tooth and much better aesthetic impression.

Contemporary dental trends

Due to the favourable features of liquid composite when handling and shaping, composite injectable veneers present a modern dental trend providing outstanding aesthetic results and tooth functionality.

A dentist can completely transfer details such as the angle of the line, the shape of the rounding and the position of the edge of each tooth from the wax impression, and thus create the effect of completely natural teeth as if nothing has been done.

The advantage over conventional veneers is a better and longer-lasting result in a shorter time.Before making a veneer, the patient can see what his/her smile will look like.

The advantage over ceramic veneers is its reparability and lower price.

Over time if a veneer fracture occurs on an injectable veneer, the broken part can be quickly repaired with the help of silicon wedging; whereas with a ceramic one, the whole veneer needs to be removed and a new one made.

As for the aesthetics, we still have to give preference to ceramics and ceramic veneers.

If a patient is afraid of needles, injectable veneers can be fitted without any anaesthesia, and the composite liquid material enables maximum sparing of tooth enamel and minimum invasion.

Apart from injectable veneers, dental liquid composite resin can be used to repair broken teeth and for long-term tooth restoration. The injectable composite itself has excellent mechanical features. Exceptional strength and wear resistance. The long-lasting aesthetics of composite veneers simply means excellent gloss retention and stain resistance.

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