Frenectomy is an operation of a frenulum (a piece of soft tissue that runs in a thin line between the lips and gums) carried out so that the frenulum can be altered or removed. The need to remove the frenulum occurs only in certain situations when it is more pronounced and causes certain problems. These problems are not of a more serious nature, but they can lead to certain disorders in childhood or old age.

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What is frenulum and what types of frenulum are there?

Frenulum is a connective tissue in the mouth and every person has it. It is located in several places in the mouth, which is why we can distinguish three types of frenulum: lingual, labial, and buccal.

The lingual frenulum (frenulum of the tongue) is located below the tongue. It connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. It is easily noticeable: if you lift your tongue you will see a thin strip of tissue and that strip is lingual frenulum.

The labial frenulum is located below the lip. It connects the lip to the alveolar ridge of the jaw. You can see it if you lift your lips high enough.

The buccal frenulum is located on the sides of the mouth. It connects the cheek and the alveolar ridge.

As it was said, frenulum is commonly found in our mouth and only in certain situations it can cause a problem. Most problems are with lingual and labial frenulum.

Frenulum surgery

Frenulum surgery (frenectomy) is a procedure that removes an overly pronounced frenulum or short frenulum, which solves all the abovementioned problems. This operation is almost routine without any possibility of complications. It lasts about 15 minutes, and the postoperative period is very short.

The main reason why this operation is simple and harmless is because dental laser is used during the intervention. Laser is quite widely used in dentistry, because it provides numerous benefits and conveniences for patients.

When it comes to frenectomy, with a dental laser the entire intervention is almost painless for patients. In most cases, the use of topical anesthetics in the form of a spray is sufficient. In addition, the use of a laser enables almost complete absence of bleeding, because its rays stimulate coagulation. Besides these benefits, the laser also provides dentists with better working conditions. Due to the absence of bleeding, it is possible to make extremely precise incisions. After the laser frenectomy, the wound is not sutured, so the patient’s condition is alleviated after the intervention since there are no sutures.

Like frenulum surgery, the recovery is also quick and easy. The wound heals in approximately ten days with almost complete absence of pain. Because of all this, laser frenectomy is an extremely safe and effective method, which is especially important when children are patients.

Dental office Dental Vortex provides the service of frenulum surgery with the conventional surgical and laser method. If you need help, feel free to contact us and find out more detailed information.

Problems that a pronounced frenulum can cause

The frenulum can cause problems if it is more or less developed than the usual level. Depending on what type of frenulum is in question, different problems can arise.

The main problem that occurs with the lingual frenulum is the so-called short frenulum. This phenomenon leads to poor tongue mobility causing speech disorders in children. Children with a short sublingual frenulum may have trouble pronouncing certain voices, which ultimately affects their ability to speak properly.

Moreover, a short lingual frenulum can also be a problem for adults when dental prosthetics is needed. Actually, a short frenulum prevents the stability of the prosthesis, since it constantly rises when the tongue is moved.

On the other hand, a pronounced labial frenulum can also have negative consequences. If there is a labial frenulum between front teeth (incisor spacing), too much space may occur between these teeth. A much bigger problem is the recession (withdrawal) of the gums, which ultimately leads to periodontitis.

In adults, a pronounced labial frenulum can be a problem when making prosthesis. Namely, due to the pronounced frenulum, the upper prosthesis cannot fit as it should.

If any of these problems caused by pronounced frenulum occur, surgery is recommended as the best solution.

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