Our body has great self-healing ability. We all know that when it comes to certain injuries, a body can heal a wound by itself. In dentistry (and medicine in general), the fact is used to boost efficiency of certain processes.

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Surgical treatment of periodontopathy (rezanj surgery per tooth with artificial bone, PRF)

7.000 RSD

PRF preparation

6.000 RSD

Use of PRF for 2 teeth

9.000 RSD

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How does dental PRF treatment look like?

PRF treatment consists of several basic steps.

  • Firstly, a little venous blood is taken from a patient’s hand.
  • Then, the blood is further processed with centrifuge. Platelet rich fibrin (i.e. growth factor) is extracted from it.
  • PRF is then applied to the places requiring healing or recovery.

The whole process lasts for about 15 minutes and it is completely painless. More importantly, PRF method is extremely safe. The whole process is conducted in sterile condition, so there is no risk of contamination. Furthermore, the risk of an allergic reaction is excluded, since only patient’s blood is used.

When is PRF method used?

Because of its major effects, PRF method is commonly used in dentistry, especially oral surgery. PRF method is recommended for the following interventions.

  • Paradontological intervention or surgical operation is gum operation. The need for this intervention comes at a late stage of paradontopathy. Paradontopathy is a gum disease with the following symptoms: gum inflammation, receding gums, and tooth decay. In paradontological intervention the gums are lifted, periodontal pockets cleaned, and artificial bone granules are applied to compensate together with PRF.
  • Gingival recession or receding gums is a problem that can occur as one of the manifestations of paradontopathy. Receding gums can be prevented by PRF by applying it on the gums, thus encouraging tissue regeneration.
  • Teeth extraction can lead to a loss of bone mass, which can disable implant placement on the place of the missing tooth. To prevent bone loss, PRF is applied to regenerate the bone.
  • Ridge augmentation is another process where PRF method proves to be very effective. Ridge augmentation implies widening a jaw. It is most often done to enable implant placement.
  • Alveolitis is a wound healing disorder after tooth extraction. One of the treatments can be done with PRF treatment that actually stimulates the body to create coagulum. After the application, the pain disappears immediately.

Due to its exceptional efficiency and safety, PRF method is recommended by our expert team. For more information, feel free to contact us.

What is PRF treatment and how does it work?

Basically, PRF treatment is used for tissue healing and regeneration by using patients’ blood. Consequently, it is used in medicine and dentistry.

It is used as a treatment in orthopedics, aesthetic medicine, general surgery, and oral surgery as well.

In aesthetic medicine, the treatment is known as PRP treatment or “Vampire treatment” and is primarily aimed at skin regeneration and revitalisation.

In oral surgery, a great deal of PRF treatment is used for wound and bone healing.

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