Skin treatments

Skin is an organ that is mostly exposed to external factors and influences. Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that it changes over years – wrinkles emerge, and the skin becomes looser and more tired. However, this entire skin aging process can be slowed down a bit, as skin aging is primarily the result of a lack of certain substances in it. By compensating certain substances, we help our skin to stay young and fresh.

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Serum and dermarollers treatments

In addition to hyaluronic and biological fillers, skin rejuvenation treatment can also include the use of serum and dermarollers. Depending on the condition of your skin, our experts will select the best treatment for your face.

Serums are the preparations that are applied on the surface of skin with light massage and tapping. There are several types of serums of a famous Russian company Glavzdrav:

  • Hyaluron – It encourages the increase in the moisture of skin, which makes it fresh.
  • Marine collagen – Keeps the skin from being destroyed by environmental factors. It also restores the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • Mumiton – Excellent in fighting stretch marks, cellulite, acne, and scratches.
  • Herbamine – Normalizes the flow of capillary blood and thus prevents skin aging by improving its elasticity.
  • Phytodon – It is applied on the scalp stimulating hair growth.

What is a dermaroller?

Dermarollers are roller-shaped medical rollers with 200 titanium needles. By using dermarollers, collagen proliferation is encouraged, which stimulates skin healing.

The entire process of using dermarollers is performed in the following way. The needles of dermarollers penetrate the skin, activating nerves, after which skin healing process begins. The needles do not damage the skin, they encourage the self-healing process of the skin. Thus, the production of collagen and stimulation of capillaries stimulates the skin to make the skin bloodier and therefore more quality and “younger”.

The treatments with serums and dermarollers can be practiced separately or in combination, depending on the condition of the skin. Additionally, there is a possibility that the treatment is performed by experts from our clinic or that you can do it at home according to their instructions.

As our skin protects us, so we should protect it. If you notice the signs of skin aging, you should know that it is getting tired and that you need to help it. If you are not sure whether to choose an skin treatment or hyaluronic fillers treatment, feel free to contact us and our experts will help you.

PRP or Vampire treatment

Similar to hyaluronic fillers, there are also biological fillers that are also injected into the skin with thin needles. Unlike hyaluronic fillers, biological fillers are based on the use of platelet growth factors that are derived from patients’ blood plasma. The procedure is called PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma). PRP treatment differs from PRF treatment although basically it is the same principle, but used for other purposes.

The essence of PRP treatment is the use of platelet growth factors. These are plasma proteins responsible for wound healing by accelerating cell growth and creating new tissue.

The procedure starts with taking a certain amount of blood from a patient. Then plasma is extracted and used for making biological fillers. The whole process is sterile, so any danger of contamination is completely excluded. In the end, biological fillers are injected into certain skin regions that are subjected to the treatment.

Since in PRP process patients’ blood is used, this treatment is also known as “Vampire Treatment“. Because of the use of patients’ blood (autologous transplant), there is no possibility of an allergic reaction. “Vampire treatment” is especially suitable for acne scars removal. The result of the treatment is restoring your skin’s natural radiance and freshness. With this treatment, acne scars will completely disappear.

In addition, PRP is also used for hair growth, so it provides excellent solutions for patients who are experiencing hair loss.

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