Dental imaging

Dental imaging is a process of creating a visual representation of teeth, gums and other structures in the mouth. This is done for diagnostic or treatment purposes. There are several dental imaging technologies including X-rays, MRI and CT scans. These images can help dentists identify tooth and gum problems and plan the most effective treatments.

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Dental imaging in dental vortex

In our dental office, we provide a dental imaging service with the latest-generation digital radiography of the KaVo manufacturer. A digital radiographic image or retroalveolar image is a targeted image of one, two or three teeth that is used for the most accurate and better diagnosis in order to provide our patient with maximum comfort and expertise. Nowadays, dentistry is unthinkable without this type of auxiliary diagnostic method, because these images provide us with the valuable information about the state of each tooth.


Intraoral X-ray images

An intraoral X-ray image is used to capture the image of the inside of the mouth. This type of imaging is used to diagnose problems with the teeth and jaw. These images are taken with a special X-ray machine. The images obtained with intraoral X-rays are very detailed and can show the problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Intraoral X-ray images are an incredibly important part of dental care. They can help dentists find problems early, before they become serious.

Retroalveolar imaging

Retroalveolar imaging is a type of intraoral imaging that uses a digital device to capture the images of the inside of the mouth. This helps dentists get a clear view of the teeth and gums, and can be used to diagnose a problem or plan a treatment.

Digital radiographs are more comfortable for patients because it takes less time to image . Digital radiographs also provide high-quality images that can be easily shared with other dentists and oral surgeons.

This type of imaging is especially useful for observing back teeth (molars), which are difficult to see with traditional X-rays. It can also be used to examine better the root of a tooth, which is important for planning a root canal treatment.

Overall, retroalveolar imaging is a valuable tool for dentists and can help improve diagnosis and treatment planning.

New technology in the service of teeth

KaVo Focus is a digital intraoral imaging device that helps dentists obtain clear, high-quality images of their patients’ teeth and gums. The device is small and easy to use. It has a small, lightweight camera that can be easily positioned for imaging and it produces the images that are far superior compared to traditional film X-rays. The high-resolution sensor makes the KaVo “Focus” device an ideal tool for diagnosing problems with teeth and gums, as well as for monitoring the progress of a treatment. KaVo’s exclusive SmartFilter technology automatically filters out background noise, giving dentists the clearest possible image.



FOCUS technology

KaVo’s mechanism against even the slightest movement is a key feature that differentiates FOCUS from other digital devices. This technology ensures that images are stable and sharp while reducing exposure time. As a result, patients can be sure they will get the best possible image quality.

FOCUS X-ray is incredibly stable while being extremely light and portable. It is easy to set it up with one hand. There is no moving or repositioning; the setting movement is stopped when a dentist or radiologist wants it. It has an ADM (Anti-Drift Mechanism) enabling this exceptional stability.


Employees with experience in radiology

The scanner is handled by the trained employees with experience in radiology, and the device itself guarantees minimal radiation in accordance with the new technologies on the market, designed to take care of patients’ health. Save the time of going to an X-ray centre by taking the image of your tooth in our dental office, find out the diagnosis and decide on the therapy as soon as possible. The procedure is painless and takes less than a second, and the radiation is far smaller compared to all medical imaging. For our dental office, this was not a matter of compromise. This exceptional device which provides everything imaginable in the 21st century is in our dental office because of our care and desire to provide only the best to our patients.

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