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The exact cause has not been determined yet. However, it has been noticed that mouth ulcers are accompanied by impaired immunity, lack of vitamins and minerals, hypersensitivity to food, bitten tongue or the inside of a cheek, a prosthesis that irritates, improper tooth brushing, stress, bacterial infection, various infections, allergies, fatigue, the onset of menstruation, and poor nutrition. It is thought that mouth ulcers are also caused by a genetic predisposition.

The best form of prevention is to boost immunity.

The cost of repairing a tooth primarily depends on the type of a treatment and materials. For example, the treatment of tooth decay depends on the degree and surface of dental cavities. The fillings we use are long-lasting, high-quality, of excellent aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. For further information, you can contact us.

Overall, a prosthetic device lasts between 5 and 10 years. The exact duration of a prosthetic device will depend on several factors. Firstly, the quality of making a prosthetic device is vital. Afterwards, it is of utmost importance to maintain proper oral hygiene as well as to have regular check-ups. Therefore, the duration of a prosthetic device is individual, but largely depends on the behaviour of a patient.

Teeth whitening is not a harmful treatment. Studies have shown that modern teeth whitening products do not cause the damage of teeth, gingiva, fillings, or prosthetic devices (bridges, crowns). Nowadays, there are several methods for teeth whitening. The effect and price depend on the choice of teeth whitening method. In any case, the best and safest option regrading tooth whitening is to take the advice of your dentist. The expert team of Dental Vortex is there for you. Contact us.

It is not necessary, however, silver amalgam fillings should be changed. Actually, they contain mercury that is a toxic metal. In certain situations, there is a possibility that mercury is released from a filling, which can be harmful. But the quantities released are extremely small, so it is not alarming. Still, since there is an alternative to amalgam fillings in the form of white composite dental fillings, the replacement is recommended. An additional reason for replacing amalgam fillings may be that most commonly there are caries beneath teeth. Therefore, it is best to schedule a check-up and get advice from a dentist.

Periodontitis is a disease of the tissue surrounding the teeth and alveolar bone around teeth. There are therapies that can slow down the progress of the disease and thus improve the situation. The best form of therapy is prevention.

If periodontitis is in its initial stage (the inflammation of gums – gingivitis), dental calculus, residual plaque and pathogenic microorganisms are removed. Afterwards, it is of utmost importance to maintain proper oral hygiene.

In advanced stages of periodontitis, the therapy implies surgical intervention (surgical treatment of gum recession). Then an artificial bone is placed, and PRF preparations stimulate its regeneration. In this way, the worst consequences of the disease can be prevented.

The cost of a dental implant primarily depends on the quality of implants. The implants used in Dental Vortex are the products of the renowned company. The quality of these implants has been confirmed in various clinical trials. They are made of titanium and zirconium, shortening of the period of osseointegration.

When considering these facts regarding the quality, it turns out that the cost of a dental implant in Dental Vortex is extremely affordable. For further information, you can contact us.

Unpleasant breath from the mouth can occur due to various causes. First of all, it can result from a problem in the mouth or a digestive system (stomach, intestines). An unpleasant breath in the mouth implies a disease: tooth decay, gum disease (paradontopathy), mouth ulcers, and infection. Apart from these things, bad breath can be caused by poor oral hygiene, i.e. bacteria from foods particles that accumulate on teeth.

The inflammation of gum (gingivitis) is a disease caused by dental plaque full of bacteria. The inflammation of gum is a “silent” illness, so the symptoms are often hardly noticeable. The main symptoms that indicate the disease are: soft, red, and swollen gums. One of main symptom is gum bleeding. If it is not treated in time, it can lead to more serious diseases such as paradontopathy, receding gum or, as the ultimate stage of the disease, tooth loss.

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