Primary teeth or baby teeth are the joy and pain of each parent. Baby’s teeth eruption is individual. A general rule is that baby teeth begin to erupt at about 5-6 months and continue until 3 yrs. when children have 20 baby teeth altogether. Baby teeth eruption can be painful for babies. There are various gels that make it easier and Dentokind tablets that can reduce the inflammatory reaction of gums during teething.

Price list

First examination and instructions on proper hygiene

3.000 RSD

Watering fissure milk tooth

2.500 RSD

Filling fissure permanent tooth

3.000 RSD

Teeth impregnation with fluoride

2.500 RSD

Baby tooth extraction

2.000 RSD 

Complicated baby tooth extraction

4.000 RSD

Composite filling on a baby tooth

4.500 RSD

Removal of soft deposits

2.000 RSD

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Why is it important to treat baby teeth?

Milk teeth or baby teeth are treated for a number of reasons. One of the most important is that under each baby tooth there is a tooth bud, the beginning of a permanent tooth. Baby teeth keep a place for permanent teeth. Untreated teeth are often the cause of various infections accompanied by pain and swelling. Cavities in baby teeth bring about problems with food digestion for small children. Other young children can be very cruel to the children who have cavities in all front teeth. Children with a nice smile are, therefore, much more confident and satisfied.

Cavities can occur very early. It is quite often due to bad habits, inadequate nutrition, and frequently because of the lack of awareness of parents themselves about the importance of baby teeth.

The period for the first dental check-up for young children is from the emergence of baby teeth up to their third year, because then the correct technique of brushing teeth is learned, awareness of oral hygiene is raised and the fear of the dental chair is reduced.

When should a child start using a toothbrush and oral hygiene?

For incisors it is enough to use gauze to clean baby teeth, and when children turn two it is recommended to start using toothbrushes and baby toothpaste with fluoride with a slight amount of toothpaste on a brush.

What are fissure sealants?

One of the most effective methods for the treatment of baby teeth is fissure sealants. This is an excellent method of preventing tooth decay and the formation of cavities, especially on fourth and fifth baby teeth. Fissures are grooves in teeth where food particles and bacterial plaque are retained. By placing plastic coatings in fissures, a barrier is created for harmful external factors. It is a completely painless procedure and lasts for five minutes. 

Fissure sealants are very important to be done on baby teeth and on permanent ones. When the first permanent sixths erupt children are about six years old, it is very important to apply fissure sealants as soon as possible to minimize the possibility of creating cavities. The last baby tooth is replaced by a permanent tooth at 11-12 yrs., so it is necessary to keep them healthy. It is very important to emphasize that even if fissure sealants are applied, the tooth is not resistant to cavities forever and should be controlled every three months, then after six months.

Children’s teeth are sensitive, children are sensitive and one of the main roles of parents is the choice of a dentist, a dental office that is nice and interesting to children. Dental Vortex is a dental office that provides services for both small and big “children” and makes them brave. Dear parents, please feel free to contact us.

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