Do you want a glittering smile and sparkling white teeth, but to keep your own teeth? We have an ideal solution – ceramic facets (veneers).

They are fast and easy to place, they last long, and the effect is so amazing and natural that you will be surprised.

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When to use ceramic facets - veneers?

Ceramic facets are the ideal solution if you want to change the colour, shape and tooth position.

They represent the least invasive method that almost completely protects tooth substance, and at the same time giving a glittering smile and sparkling white teeth.

Ceramic facets are thin layers that cover front visible tooth surface and a biting edge of teeth, giving teeth a new shape, colour, and position.

Sometimes it is necessary to cover a part of inner or lateral surface of teeth.

Ceramic facets are an ideal solution if you have all the teeth, but you want them to look more beautiful.

Although ceramic facets are usually used for front teeth, you can put them on all teeth. However, ceramic facets can be placed only on the entire tooth, which is not drilled for a dental crown. If a tooth is missing in a row, it is solved by placing a cover navlaka or a bridge. By combining ceramic facets and crowns you will get the desired effect – a Hollywood glittering smile.

Ceramic facets are also called ceramic veneers, and are the ideal solution if you want to:

  • change the shape and colour of your teeth
  • conceal mild irregularities in your teeth position
  • conceal tooth damage
  • extend short teeth
  • beautify a smile

What are facets made of?

Facets are made of composite or ceramics.

Composite facets are made of the same material as tooth fillings, and therefore require some dental work, so ceramic facets are far better aesthetic solution and also last much longer.

The procedure for placing facets

The procedure of placing facets depends on which type of facets you opt for – ceramic or composite facets. First of all, of course, a dental check-up is performed, and then one of the options is selected after having agreed with you. The ultimate aim is the same – your satisfaction with our service.

If you decide on composite facets, it is all over the same day. For a very short time you will leave a dental office with completely new teeth. If you want facets without tooth drilling or with a minimal drilling, composite facets are the right choice for you. Furthermore, the price of composite facets is quite affordable and slightly lower than for ceramic facets. When a tooth is slightly drilled down, if it is needed, layers of composite are applied and a tooth is shaped according to your wish. Composite facets are estimated to last 5 years. However, composite facets may gradually change a colour.

Secondly, better solution is a ceramic facet that is produced longer (for several days), but also lasts longer – up to 10 years if you closely follow our instructions. Facets can be placed with or without drilling down teeth, depending on the condition of your teeth, i.e. the shape, position and the colour of teeth. If necessary, it is drilled down only about 0.5 mm.  Besides being far more durable, they look more natural and more resistant to colour change. The price of ceramic facets is slightly higher than for composite facets, but still very affordable. Moreover, this is an investment that is always worth it. Is there something nicer on your face than a shiny smile and white teeth?!

Why should you choose facets?

Ceramic facets or veneers are really the perfect solution for all those who have teeth, but want to fix their appearance. Combined with metal-free crowns or bridges for those teeth that have to be compensated, facets represent an ideal solution, especially for front teeth. Also, the price is affordable, and most importantly, you will have perfect, sparkling white teeth for as long as 5-10 years.

Oral hygiene of facets is exactly the same as for natural teeth. However, whether you opt for composite or ceramic facets, you will have to give up on walnuts and hazelnuts if you want your facets to stay beautiful for many years. Hard food can damage them, as well as the combination of hot and cold drinks, such as hot coffee and cold juice. Still, you have to admit, for such a little sacrifice, you get a lot – shiny white teeth. 

As you have seen, facets are easy and quick to place, they last long, their price is affordable, and hygiene is the same as for natural teeth. Therefore, if you want brilliant white and perfect teeth to be admired to, facets are perfect for you. Call us, schedule consultations and see it for yourself.

Price list

Ceramic veneer28.000,00 rsd
Injectable veneer12.000,00 rsd
Composite veneer6.500,00 rsd



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